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Eat the Terrific Tibetan


Taking entire India by storm is the Tibetan cuisines with Momos leading from the front. Tibetian food majorly excels in dairy & meat products and generally consists of noodles, dumplings, yak, mutton, goat, cheese, butter & soups. If you haven’t every tried Tibetan food yet don’t worry we are sure you would like it. We at have tried & tested all the listed restaurants & each one is a notch higher in terms of taste & quality.

Steamed Momos, Tsampa, Tibetan Breads, Tibetan Noodle Soups, Tibetan Butter Tea are some of the world famous byproducts from the Tibetan kitchens. When everyone all over the world likes it then why won’t you, just choose your order online and sit back while deliver it to you at your home.