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Enjoy the Stellar Experience of Royal Taste of South India

South Indian

South Indian cuisine? But isn’t all Indian food similar? You might think. If you believe that Indian food is just chicken tikka masala and Palak paneer, think again. Although, most of the Indian restaurants in West do serve north Indian food topped with rich, creamy sauces and curries, navratan korma, naan and tandoori baked bread, but, South Indian cuisine is very distinct. As enhancements, the South Indian dishes are complimented with popped spices, seeds, tomatoes, and various dals. Enjoy the rich spicy taste of South Indian dishes no other than on Dosa, the King of South Indian cuisine is something very perfect in combination of crispness and nutty flavor blended with mildly spiced crushed potato and variety of spices. In order to enhance the taste, dosa is served with sambhar, a slightly sour-savory sauce made from tur dal, vegetables and tamarind along with wet chutneys made with popped mustard seeds and ground coconut. Think fried, savory and dense donut and yes, here you’ve got a vada on It is the lentil and gram flour with mashed potatoes served with sambhar and wet chutneys. Idli, a delectable, steamed cake is another popular south Indian dish made from a batter of fermented black lentils and rice. And you guessed it right; delivers to you with sambhar and wet chutneys. Now, when you are filled to the gills with all the goodness described above, enjoy a glass of Indian style coffee or milk chai served with lots of milk and sugar. Indian coffee wallahs will toss the piping coffee and hot milk between two metal cups until they are well blended at the perfect drinking temperature. So, next time when you hunt for Indian food at home, look out for South Indian cuisines on You can’t resist yourself on ordering the richness of spice combination straight to your doorstep.