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Go La La over Lucknowi


Lucknow is known for two things the Nawabs & the delicious non vegetarian cuisines. The fact that Mughals had an immense liking for the Lucknowi food just adds a royal touch to it. Our royal & loyal team at tasted various restaurant menus to offer you the best of all so the only thing left for you is to Order Online the same.

Best thing about Lucknowi food is the traditional recipes they use to make the food. Some of the mouthwatering delicacies of Lucknow are Kebabs (a million variety of Kebabs), Kaliya, Zarda, Kormas, Nahari-Kulchas, Sheermal, Roomali and Warqi Parathas. So remember whenever you have a craving for awesome Lucknow non-vegetarian food.