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The pillar on which the traditional food of Japan finds its roots is rice. It forms a part of the major dishes of Japan and is widely complimented with Miso Soup. When you think of the Japanese menu the foremost thing that strikes your mind and hits the charts in the first position is Sushi, a dish consisting of raw fish which is gaining world wide popularity now. And thorough you can have the taste of Japan while sitting at the dining table of your home only. Being situated in the lap of water and an island country, it relishes the bounty of seafood in plenty. Red meat also finds its way in the non- vegetarian cuisines. The essence of real authentic Japanese food is contained in the ingredients like Red meat, oils, fats, dairy products, soy sauce, miso, and umeboshi. Without these ingredients, the soul of the food can never find solace in the eater’s stomach. With at your service you can be rest assured of receiving the best bona fide Japanese food, just a click away from your mouth. Give us a chance to serve you the best through the food catered by our registered restaurants. will never disappoint you.